Helpful Couponing Information

Publix  sign up from the Publix magazines and clubs, each gives you great coupons and deals not found in stores.  The great thing about these- they are free.
I Heart Publix
Southern Savers
-Both I heart Publix and Southern Savers update their pages daily with deals, coupon news, rebates, and different way to save money at the grocery store. (I check daily, you don’t have to.)
-Each website has helpful hints on how to use coupons.  They are both easy to maneuver through and understand.

“Rules” for using coupons and when to use coupons:
-BOGO (buy one get one): use 2 manufacture coupons, because you are buying 2 items or a coupon that states so much off 2 items
-Stacking: you can use 1 manf and 1 store coupon for the same item
-Save coupons until the items go on sale or BOGO, and use up you coupons (stock up on the items you use all the time)
-Read your coupons; don’t look at the pictures, because sometimes the picture is different from what the coupon is worth sometimes

Cool things Publix does: (the best Publix in town is Bradley Park Publix)
-Takes competitors coupons: Winn Dixie, Target … if not sure check with the manger they are great and understand (They even take those $10 off $50 or more coupons from Winn Dixie)
-Doubles the coupon: all manf coupons 50cent and under are doubled automatically
-The mystery penny item: this is a Publix brand product that goes on “sale” for only 1 day.  In order to get this item you need the coupon for it found in  the Wednesday newspaper and can only be used on Wednesday and buying $10& more worth in groceries. (If it is a good penny item, I get 2 papers for 2 coupons and then split up my groceries so I get 2 penny items.)  The penny item can be anything Publix brand, so it is good at least to check it out.
-Say you buy something on Thursday and you find a coupon on something you just bought already, what to do?  Take the coupon and receipt in the Publix you bought from and they will reimburse you the value of the coupon.
-Wednesday seniors 60 years of age and older receive 5% off their total.
-the Essentials: these items (8-10 items) are a special sale for 2 weeks.  (You can use coupons on them too.)  They are a mix of name brands and Publix brands.

Getting Coupons
-Sunday newspaper (I get 2, because of BOGO.); the 2 most common inserts are Smart Source (SS) and Red Plum (RP)… the websites will tell you what possible coupons to be looking for in the next paper
-The websites have hyperlinks on them scroll to the bottom, under the heading Target stores is grocery coupons
*** On some websites you are going to need to download something to your printer, and that’s a onetime thing, so that your printer prints out the barcodes for the store to scan.
-Peelies or my son calls them “coupon sticker” they are coupons stuck to a box, bag, a product….
-swapping coupons: trade with others that coupon or have people give you their coupons from the paper, because they don’t use coupons

Organizing Your Coupons
There are a lot of ways you can organize your coupons.  I will give you a few I’ve heard about, but you choose the best for you, because in the end this is for you.
-A 3 ring binder: whole punch the insert, date the top and file old to new in the folder
 -a 3 ring binder/baseball card holder: put each coupon in the space where a baseball card would be
-canceled check holder- instead of labeling the months you label the topics you file the coupons under… as in use(what you are going to use that day), baby, can/boxed goods, cereals/breakfast, dessert/baking, drinks/snacks… as so on (This is what I use and some of my labels.)
-make your own box: you make your own, out of whatever you have, to fit your needs
***In the end you pick or make the option that best suits you for your needs.  I have heard people do combinations of these, and I’m sure there are many other ways to organizing your coupons.  Some don’t like to clip every coupon at first and put it off to the side for later.  Others cut the moment they get the coupons.  I do a little of both: I have a basket that I put my coupon stuff in.  If I find a good coupon on the internet and print it out I may not cut it right away—place it in the basket.  When I get the Sunday papers ( I get 2, remember) I may cut out some of the coupons right away, or save for later, depends on my time.

Helpful things
-IHP tells you what is going to be BOGO for the next sale on Monday afternoon/night
-When each site lists the new BOGOs, they give info on where to find coupons that match up with each item.  If there is a printable (an online coupon) it will be hyper-linked.  All other coupons they will tell you where they can be found.

If you are one of those who can’t understand how stores make money by taking coupons then visit and read this.